Color pattern variation in the Common Mormon Swallowtail butterfly, Papilio polytes.

We have extended our research on Heliconius to explore the genetic basis of mimicry in a diversity of butterfly species, including one particularly long-lived mystery of evolutionary genetics—the molecular basis of ‘supergene’ mimicry. Using an integrative approach combining genetic and association mapping, transcriptome and genome sequencing, and gene expression analyses, we found that a single gene, doublesex (dsx), controls supergene mimicry in Papilio polytes. This is in contrast to the long-held view that supergenes are likely to be controlled by a tightly linked cluster of loci. Our results ultimately fuse two different hypotheses for the identity of supergenes, showing that a single gene can switch the entire wing pattern among mimicry phenotypes but may require multiple, tightly linked mutations to do so. Our work on supergene mimicry is now expanding along multiple fronts, with particular focus on functional mechanisms in Papilio polytes and comparative genomics across species.

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